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September 23, 2021

August 26, 2021




The Year of Ox zodiac commemorative medal

The theme of the Year of the Ox commemorative medals issued in 2021 is "Vitality". It is designed based on the works of Jian Shan and Tian She, two masters of Chinese Classics, and exclusively issued by the Beijing Branch of China Post Group Co., Ltd.

All of the zodiac commemorative medals are made of AU999 gold. 2000 medals with anti-counterfeiting codes will be issued in the first phase. Blockchain technology will be used to record the circulation information including production, processing, transportation and sales of the zodiac commemorative medals, ensuring that all data can be traced and cannot be tampered with.

Digital zodiac commemorative medal NB

The total issuance of NB is 200 million. Global users can obtain NB through multiple channels and use it in multiple scenarios.
The only way for the commemorative medals to flow into the market is to redeem from NB. After redemption, NB in the blockchain will be destroyed and publicized on the blockchain address. There have been thousands of NB users around the world since the issuance of NB.